Big Data: No Escape?

Yay, Big Data does make life better! Otherwise we wouldn’t hand out our personal data voluntarily. Facebook and Google, Amazon and the pizza service around the corner, a lot of companies already know it. And the more machines know about us. The better they can understand us, talk to us and we can even talk to them. Well, it won’t take more than 4 or 5 years until you won’t be able to tell if the „person“ on the other side of the line is human or not. 

And even more. This other „thing“, this artificial intelligence will even know how we feel, where we are, where we want to go, with whom and why. „It“ will prevent a traffic accident from happening or deliver the pizza even before you order it, says AI expert Stefan Huber*.

But wait – all these beautiful gadgets will only work if you give up your privacy completely (just as we do at the US immigration nowadays ;-). Well – do we have the choice? Can we escape Big Data at all?

Prof. Ingo Striepling from OTH Regensburg says: Yes we can – if… well, if…

Interview about Big Data

*sorry, this quote is available in German only

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